How to Build A Website In 30 Seconds

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How to build a website in 30 Seconds

So how easy is it to build a website? Can it really be done in 30 seconds? Well the answer is yes and there are many platform sites out there that will help you to do so however are they all good platforms to start with? Like anything and websites included you need a good strong foundation in order to build from.

I have found a platform that is user friendly and uses a simple format called WordPress. The site builder is called (powered by Wealthy Affiliate) which I have found to be very easy to use especially for people with less experience on website building.



What is word press?

Well basically WordPress is a free and open-source content management system (CMS), Normally you will find WordPress installed on a web server that is usually part of an Internet hosting service like Siterubix or similar sites or there is also a website you will find it on called, however you may also find it on a desktop computer that is running the software package.

As of February 2017 studies by “Usage Statistics and Market Share of Content Management Systems for Websites” have shown that WordPress was used by more than 27.5% of the top 10 million websites making WordPress probably the most popular website management or blogging system in use on the Web as of today.

How easy is it?

So how easy is it to actually set up and learn how to build a website in 30 seconds? Simple answer is that it is very easy.

If you are wanting to know how to build a website in 30 seconds than my suggestion is a user friendly hosting platform that uses a simple programme to create your content such as which fits both criteria’s.

It’s the most straight forward platform I’ve ever worked with and it is also very adaptable to suit any person’s expertise. If you require a website for a small business, blogging, writing or to showcase your passionate hobbies it has built in themes to cater for all tastes and needs,

Now that you have chosen your platform you will need to choose a domain name. You may have to get a little creative on this as your first choice may have already been taken although a good site will already have searched for alternatives if it has.

Once you have been able to choose your domain name you will then have the chance to choose a theme to suit your topic. There are a vast array to choose from and you could become side tracked and over think this step. The good news however, is that you can change your theme anytime you want with sites such as the one I used as mentioned earlier.

A few things to remember with regards to your Domain name when choosing it would to be along the lines as is it Brandable? Think outside the box a little and do some research on this. Think of a short catchy name if you are wanting to perhaps turn your website in to a business at some point. If you choose a domain name is too complex or too long it will not be remembered by visitors or browsers.

Choosing a domain name is not easy as there are over a 100 million already in use but you can come up with a catchy name with some creativity.

If you do choose I would recommend the video tutorials on Wealthy Affiliate which will teach you how to set up your website and also help you to adapt the settings in the background via a video walk through which as a visual learner I found very helpful and useful.

Once you have chosen your Domain name and it’s been accepted you’re good to go. will automatically send you through to the WordPress dashboard unlike some hosting sites where you have to install it first. Once in WordPress you can then choose your theme then you are good to go.

The Dashboard will have a menu down the left had side giving you the choice to add pages and posts and manage all your background settings and plug-ins.

That is basically it, you now know how you build a website 30 seconds. To create content takes a little longer, the more quality content you create then the more popular your website will be but it does take time especially for search engines to trust your site.




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