Escaping The Rat Race and Financial Freedom!!!

Escaping The Rat Race and Financial Freedom

From the first week I left School at 16 and started working in London at barristers chambers I had scary thoughts!

Is this it? From 16 to 65 is this my weekday life? Spending 2 hours a day travelling on a Tube train backwards and forwards to and from London on an overcrowded and normally stop start train! Rush hour  commute

Don’t get me wrong I loved my job and spent 15 years in this industry where I saw the profession change drastically yet I met and many friends who I still keep in touch with.

Back then the Internet was fairly new and even then there was a chance to make money online through the likes of EBay but it wasn’t for another few years before I really grasped the concept of selling online but the dream of working from home was beginning to grow.

I can count on one hand the number of my friends who are happy in their jobs but all too often you see the social media status moaning about the early start on a wet Monday morning or yes it’s Friday!!

Today I am pleased to say I fulfilled my dream of quitting the rat race and working from home for myself however it hasn’t been a simple transition but if you do not fear failure and study and learn a system then you can achieve your dream of working under your own terms.

What stops people is fear of change perhaps or the fact it is drummed in to them to get a job, get a mortgage and save a pension. The latter being correct in this day and age, it is a big step to take so how can you go about doing it?

Firstly look at why you want to, what is making you unhappy in a job and fighting to get there each morning and again to get home on a crowded Tube train or stuck in a traffic jam with suffocating fumes spurting out of thousands of exhausts.

Reasons 92% of people in the UK would Love to Escape the the Rat Race

rush hour commute at Oxford Circus

People don’t fell valued by the companies they work for :  A lot of employees do not feel appreciated by the companies they work for. Corporate companies are normally made up of a boardroom of directors and set targets for the company to hit mainly for there share dividends or bonuses.How often do we here a friend or relative moaning about being given more work load for the same pay. I have two relatives I can think of straight away! The Boardrooms don’t normally see their staff as people but of productive units.

Asking permission to have time off :  when you are an employee you are tied into a contract hence you can’t just take time of when you feel like it you have to ask permission to go and see your child’s school concert or someone else will decide if you can have a family holiday on the date of your choice

Office Politics : Offices especially can have people from different walks of life and of different characters with some out for their own personal gain and watching for any thing said out of line to create a drama or to gain favoritism over a work colleague.

The Supervisor is unqualified or empowered :  Sometimes employees have managers or supervisors that know less than them about the job they do or are very poor at people management which causes ill feeling but people maybe to scared to speak up in case they get fired. A person can rise up to manager roles on merit but that’s not to say they can manage staff they are in charge of.


Digging for Diamond
Never give up !!!


Of course there are more reasons, a lot more reasons!! Escaping The Rat Race and Financial Freedom seeking is not for everyone as in the beginning it will be hard work and more people fail than succeed so you have to have that Entrepreneurial attitude and willpower to keep going.

My advice to anyone looking to set up a business or work from home is to have everything in place so you can transition into it.

My first business online was an EBay business but I built it up while I stayed in my job until it overtook my wages and I was able to quit work and slot right into my role.

Do not quit you job and then start!!!


Reasons for change

my brother has a high earning job but it consumes his time where he more or less only sees his children asleep when he leaves the house and asleep when he gets home. I don not earn the same as him but I take my children to school and I pick them up. On one hand My brother is Money Rich and I am Time Rich. The purpose of escaping the rat race is to find that happy medium.


Financial freedom and passive income



Financial freedom is the monthly figure you need to hit each month to cover your bills and lifestyle and once you do that through whatever non rat race way you choose then you are financially free and time Rich as a result this is known as a passive income.

 How to escape the Rat Race

So it’s easy to talk about escaping this race but how? I would advise plenty of research into what you want to do, how to do it and are you willing to perhaps invest in yourself to get you there?

This phase and most of the phases will have to be done while your still working unless you have the capital to live of while your setting up and establishing but bear in mind a business takes time to grow so start of with investing in you. This is age of knowledge and there are many educational companies that hold courses and seminars for you to get educated.


Creating Passive Income


This can be done in your own time or at weekends but then you will know your niche and how to make a start.  Set up your new project in stages as the key is to get it structured and set up correctly.

Set yourself goals to take you where you want to go.

I have written an article here on goal setting and time management click to view:

Goals and motivation and Time management 

there are opportunities out there that don’t cost a huge amount to set up, selling on amazon and EBay for instance does not cost a fortune as long as you take into account listing fees and selling fees, you can earn a nice little income selling designer clothes from charity shops guess how I started so I speak from experience.

I’ve had the online stores and I still have them and I will go into more detail on another post, I have owned shops and Bistros that I became a slave to so I came out of that industry but it was then I stumbled on a company that you can try before investing in and even then you are just basically paying into the networking of knowledge and your web hosting >>click here<< to Review.

Once you have made your choice and done your research take time to build it and let it grow to the point that it out performs your wage. If it doe not work at least you still have the security of a job to fall back on to try another project.

Remember this is not going to happy overnight and will take time.

Do not fear failure or change, We grow when we come out of our comfort zone.

If you have any feedback on this post comment below as I would love to here your ideas and views.


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