What Is Google Sitemap XML?

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What is Google Sitemap XML

A sitemap is a file in which you are able to list  web pages from your website on to search engines.

This will enable the search engines such as Google ,Yahoo and Bing  to read and identify the organization of your site content. There are Search engine web crawlers such as Googlebot that reads these files in order to be able to intelligently crawl your site.

In order to sitemap your word press sight you will be required to install the sitemap xml plugin. This can be selected under the add new tab under plugins on your dashboard site menu. Once you have downloaded this plugin simply choose to activate it and then your done.

If you go down to settings you will see a tab called sitemap xml. Here your sitemap will be updated weekly with any new posts or pages you have published that week will then be sitemapped.

You can find the location of your sitemap  link to it on your site, which is normally http:yourdomain.com/sitemap.xml. You will be able to find this in the installed plugins tab in the plugin’s settings.

Google invented sitemaps in 2005. This was done to allow web developers ability to publish various lists of links from across their sites.

The main search engine companies Google, MSN and Yahoo jointly announced support for the Sitemaps. In 2006 there was an upgrade to the programme made called Sitemap 0.90 but other than that no other changes were made until 2007 when auto-discovery for sitemaps through the term “robot.txt” was introduced with leading companies and US states announcing that they would use sitemaps on their websites. Sitemap also gives servers the ability to identify the priority and changes in frequency of webpages on craweler friendly websites.

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