How To Work from Home On The Employers Time

How To Work from Home On The Employers Time

How Home Working Is The Future

As most of my readers know, I am all about creating opportunities and reviewing ways for you to create more wealth in your life either financially or mentally and physically.

In the last few months I have heard more than a few relatives or friends telling me that their companies allow them to work from home. work from home

Why is this?

This is the power of the internet at play, the world is a smaller place now with all the technology we have at our disposal such as the obvious; wi-fi but we can hold conference calls and video meetings with multiple parties who are not in the same country for instance.

Employers can now keep in touch and assess data of that employees productivity to make sure it does not drop as there has to be trust on either side but with that said and done the main reason companies are happy to let their employees work from home is to cut operational overheads. less start equals less office space required and less of a carbon footprint and lower energy costs.

This is also beneficial to the employee as they will cutout travelling time to work which causes a huge amount of stress over a period of time and also dramatically cut their travel costs down which gives them more money in the wage slips.

Staff who able to work from home will probably be more productive and happier as they spend less of their money on petrol or train fares. paying to get to work is not an enjoyable expense! From the employers point of view it can also mean less incentive for wage rise requests from staff to cover travel expenses.

On the productivity side there are reasons that productivity could be increased due to no distractions from co workers or noisy open plan offices. Companies nowadays need to think outside the box and look at ways to increase the happiness of their staff as a happy staff member will produce more work ethic plus they will log on to work even on sick days!!

it is a vicious circle if you think about it, The stress levels from the rat race lower immune systems resulting in staff becoming sick and losing work time. Working from home can reduce this avoiding lost days.

Another advantage to working from home is avoiding the loss of work days when staff’s children are sick. How many of us have had to take a days holiday to look after one of the children when they are ill?

On that note.  I have just had a thought! What about the cost of childcare in nurseries and after school clubs. Being allowed to work from home can cut these costs down and is another way of cutting down the stress of staff.

Flexible working

Flexible working is getting more and more popular especially in the younger generations who are seem to be more technically minded however it is becoming a major attraction in job packages over job advertisements that don’t offer this perk.

Another advantage for companies who offer flexible work is that they are more likely able to hire from a bigger national talent pool and offer more opportunities to people with disabilities who find commuting difficult.

The Cons of working From Home


cons of home working
Writers Block

So far it sounds great working from home but it is not for everyone as you will need self discipline to make sure you can work unsupervised and doing what your supposed to be doing throughout your working day.

Not all people would prefer this way as some do prefer to be around their co-workers and have that work /home divide to as they may feel isolated.

Managers can have difficulties communicating and supervising co-workers which could lead to more time on the phone, email or Skype chasing them up resulting in perhaps a drop in morale and team spirit if your team is in various locations.

Flexible Work patterns are not for everyone and it does relate to the person and I believe the industries and tyoe of business as some sectors are better suited than others.

Home Business

The advantages of working from home also stretch to setting up a business as if you can set up a business from home you then safe a huge amount of outgoings such as rent on office space and business rates etc.

Again it all stems on what type of business you want to do, If you had an online business that is perfect. So much business is done on the internet now and it will only keep growing.

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