How To Find Keywords For A Website

How to Find Keywords for a Website ?

If your looking to write a post or a review online you will be faced with a lot of competition and if you don’t know how to utilize Keywords then your post and website will never be visited.

So we should be asking this question; How to find keywords for my website ? I am happy to tell you it’s not a difficult procedure and today I am going to show you how to kind Keywords for your website!

firstly you will know what topic you wish to write about so for an example we need to come up with one. I will use an example of how to find the best keywords on keyword research tools as this will give you the best idea in my opinion.

As with anything we need to start with a good foundation so in order to do that I will look to see what the most popular phrases are in this field. I will start off by typing in “what are the best keyword research tools”

As you can see from just typing this phrase into the Google instant search bar I automatically can see what the top four search phrases people are using with these keywords.  I now have a base phrase I can build on so the next step would be to a keyword research platform in order to analyse the results abit more.

I use a platform called Jaaxy which has everything I need to create quality keywords.

Here I have typed the keyword phrase I sued in Google and typed it into my Jaaxy search bar after logging in:

After a few seconds a list of all relevant keywords will appear with the data you need to identify good keywords. As you can see the list is quite extensive so I will now identify which phrases are the most promising so I can add them to a saved list. I can do this by ticking the box to the left and choosing the save list button which I will show you shortly.

If we look at the top phrase I can see that is a good phrase to use in my post so I will save it to my list.

How Can I tell?

The way I identify this is by looking at the date

on average it has 270 searches with this phrase a month

If I make it onto page 1 of google I will on average 46 visits ( Traffic)

The QSR (quoted search results) tells me the number of competing websites using this exact phrase. Ideally you want this to be lower the better anything over 400 don’t touch but I try and get something under 200/300 normally.

the KQI (Keyword qualtiy Indicator) usesa traffic light approach as a primary indicator if the phrase is a good one.

As you can see from the pink arrow where it highlights the difference between a good phrase to a poor one as the poor one is red. Normal would be Amber. look at the difference in the QSR figures for the comparing phrases!

The next column is SEO which combines all the above to give an indicator score. The higher it is the more chance you have of getting ranked within Google search. The last column gives you the availability of domains related to this search.

For this example I will choose the top 2 and 7th  phrase and will add them to my list (click photo to enlarge) :keyword search list

It is okay to use low scoring phrases as they will grow and your ranking will grow with them. If you see <10 this just means under 10 a month.

When you are researching the best way on how to find keywords for a website article it is always best to research 10 phrases to give you a better level of results.

Once I have some main phrases with good scores I will want to check to see if there are any more I could use. I use Yahoo Answers to see what people are typing in for this. You can visit yahoo answers here: 

Another good website to use of your looking for a “how to” phrase is



There are two buttons by the search bar on yahoo answers, one is purple titled answers and the other is blue for web search. Type in your phrase and press the purple button:


So I have now entered my phrase and pressed the purple button and one phrase that jumps out is the same question so I will go back to Jaaxy  and search this phrase that is circled in red, you can click the photo to enlarge. As you can see on the first page it has 3 or 4 searches.


I’m very happy to use this phrase and I have added it to my saved list. I will now have to decide on what is the best phrase to use.



Just by taking out “for SEO” from my original Phrase I have the same search results more or less with a more refined title for my post and I now know how to find  keywords for my website!

It’s taken me quite a while to grasp keywords and it wasn’t until I cam across a training platform called Wealthy Affiliate that everything really started to click in to place as the training there is second to none. you can read my review here if you wanted to know more: Review

With regards to the Keyword search platform I use I have not worked better with anything else. I have only shown you a small piece of what Jaaxy can be used for so if you want to know more about it checkout my review here: Jaaxy 


I hope you have enjoyed me showing you a little insight on how you can search for the best keywords and don’t forget this is just an example and you can use this as a guide for any article or any topic!

let me know what you think in the comments below.



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