How to Get More Followers On Social Media ​

How to Get More Followers On Social Media ​

How to Get More Followers On Social Media

I’ve been asked a few times recently blogs how am I getting a rapid following on Twitter however it’s not just in twitter that my following is increasing and I will explain how to get more followers on Social Media and not just Twitter.

Basically there is no secret formula to this. It’s just increasing your knowledge by researching and reading and actually listen to people who have done it before you. Read accounts from as many people as you can and take advice from their strategies that suits you.

Thankfully I have a whole wealth of experts on a forum I belong to where I operate my businesses from called Wealthy Affiliate where there is a global community of people from different walks of life with different expertise in different fields. You should check it out! Knowledge is power after all!!

There are not many methods to use but it’s how you execute them and how consistent you are in applying  these tactics which is key to being successful as well as engaging content, Don’t over complicate things and just keep it simple.

To explain my strategy I will use the example of how I grew my Twitter following from scratch and I apply the same strategy for all social media however you will need to learn that different social media platforms actually target different audiences as one offers a different way of interacting but if it’s done correctly you will get engagement.


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Getting Started

When you first get an account you need to build a following and create engagement so your tweets are getting the maximum exposure, that way you will gain extra followers.

What I did and continue to do is the following steps:

I added everyone from my email address book on my Hotmail and google mail list which twitter gives you the chance to do from their platform normally.

If you click on your profile photo in the top right hand corner of twitter once yo have logged in, a drop down menu will appear:

  1. click on settings and privacy
  2. find friends
  3. select which email address book
  4. let twitter access it and wait for the list.
  5. press select all and they will be added to your following list


The next thing you must do is start tweeting so type a tweet and ask your followers to follow you back, the majority will do so now you have a base to work on.

I then browsed through popular celebrity accounts and favorite sports teams and followed them and re-tweeted some of their tweets as this is also a good way to get your name out there and does bring in a few followers when interacting and replying to tweets, I discovered that re-tweeting sport tweets can bring in fellow fans to follow you as you have a similar interest.

your aim in the first week is to get between 20-50 followers. Once you have set up your preferences your news feed will direct tweets that may interest you, along with this you need to re-tweet at least 5 tweets a day and follow suggested members, again some will follow you and some won’t.


all about the Blog
Blog it!

Tweet n blog!

Once you have gained a foundation to work from you can then add more tweets to attract your target audience looking at whats Trending on Twitter is a good way of seeing what people are interested in so by using hashtags in your tweets then people searching for that interest or keyword will let your tweet pop up on their news feed which will give you a chance to engage followers that have an interest in what my affiliate Niche was. The key here is to create an engaging title for you tweet in order for them to click through to the link of your website article or engage through twitter.

Once you build a good following then normally you will start experiencing a snowball effect and your follower will start increasing at a rapid rate so now you begin to be more choosing as to what other members blogs get re-tweeted and of your own posts as now is a good time to build more targeted followers.

I have found that I have not lost followers by changing my direction as long as you make your content interesting then some of your followers will actually start getting interested in your niche, you never know! One thing I always do though is still like my followers tweets as that way you are not just deadwood on their followers list but of some use to helping their exposure.

So to summarize my methods I have put them in bullet points and I do this daily for my Twitter account:

  • re-tweet at least 3 -5 tweets throughout the day of relevant or inspiring tweets
  • send my own tweets out at least 3 spread out throughout the day/evening
  • use one or 2 hashtags or a top trending hashtag and niche related hashtag
  • follow at least 2/3 members a day – it does not matter how many you follow but it will increase your exporsure
  • use Traffup to increase my following and re-tweets This can work with facebook, you tube and instagram as well

That is how to increase your followers on social media ! I do and I have gained 1400 followers in a short amount of time you can visit my account and see for yourself Twitter – @dalwhu

Different social Media Platforms

This strategy has also worked very well on other social media platforms as I explained earlier, however you do need to word posts differently for different social media platforms depending where you post, Facebook, Instagram,twitter etc are all different types of social media platforms. Below you can see the different audience types that your posts can target, for example LinkedIn will require a different type of post to what you would post to twitter as one is business orientated and the other is social.


social media types
Different approaches to each platform


The more you post on social Media the more you learn and become experienced at what you are doing. As I said I had an advantage with belonging to a great learning community at Wealthy Affiliate which enabled my to learn faster than if I was doing it by myself which is just one aspect of a totally unique business and educational platform which is well worth a look as its free to sign up with no obligation to join but you get full access for 7 days to try all areas out and 2 free websites that are yours to keep.


Wealthy Affiliate
What you get!


I hope these strategies I have gone over will be of some help to you and I wish you every success in accomplishing your goals however you do it.

If you have any questions just comment below and I will happily answer them!




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