The Best Keyword Search Tool – Jaaxy

The Best Keyword Search Tool – Jaaxy

Overall Ranking: 99/100

Price: Starter Membership, $0 with 30 free searches

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Pro Membership:                       $19/per month

Enterprise membership:          $49/per month

Owners: Kyle and Carson




Jaaxy has one of the most exciting affiliate programs available anywhere online and you can earn consistent revenue by simply referring others to the community aswell as using the platform to source the best possible keyword searches for your website content.

after recently having a facelift the jaaxy platform is now even more user friendly and easier to digest the data.

Some of the most successful entrepreneurs and bloggers use jaaxy to obtain their article titles.

Search results on Jaaxy
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Not only does jaaxy give you brilliant data it also gives you a traffic light system to let you know quickly if a phrase is good (green) moderate (amber) or no good (red)

As you can see from the screenshot you can see that there is an immense amount of data available in order to choose the best keyword phrases.

You can see from my search for Jaaxy I have ample choices for good titles so I then look at the QSR which is best if they are below 200/300.

QSR stands for quoted search results.

Once I have chosen a decent QSR I then will look at traffic levels and also the SEO Ranking  When a keyword obtains a good rank in google then you stand a better chance of ranking higher.

Apart from using Monthly searches, traffic,  Keyword quality indexd and Quoted search results  that combine to find a good ranking keyword in google there is another method Jaaxy used to search results.

As mentioned earlier  the colour of the SEO index will indicate a good search using the traffic light system.

Good (green) Moderate (amber) or no good (red)

Jaaxy is ideal for anyone who is blogging or running a professional website.

I have used a few different methods for ideal keyword searches and Jaaxy is the most useful one I have used.

it is very unique to find a platform that will allow you a free full access to its facilities before subscribing.

I would fully recommend this website for any professional web user.

the subscription  benefits are really competitive.

You can sign for free and get 30 free searches: Advantages of Jaaxy

Pro membership has the same benefits as free but includes the following:

Advantages of jaaxy

Enterprise membership again had everything as above plus:

Advantages of Jaaxy keywords tool

As you can see this platform has many benefits that can put improve your business online.

Pro membership is $19 going up to $49 in September

Enterprise is $49 per month going up to $99 per month in September.

The other way to make money with this program is to join the affiliate program that has your own unique link created when you create an account.

The commission rates are extremely attractive as seen on this table:

Price plan

If you have a pro account and recruit 3 to 6 referrals you have your membership paid and with enterprise it’s 3 to 5.

say you sign 10 referrals then that’s $80 to $200 per month recurring.

you can also do this on a free account !

Combine this with the wealthy affiliate program you could be earning more money than you dreamed possible!

Wealthy affiliate review click just click on the button to be taken through.

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I hope you enjoyed my review but only you can decide if it’s right for you however for 30 free searches and no obligation to join, what have you got to lose?



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10 Replies to “The Best Keyword Search Tool – Jaaxy”

  1. Thank you for such an awesome review of Jaaxy. I am a recent WA member and I see the importance of getting this tool for the growth of my business. You laid out all of the details I needed. Thanks for sharing.

  2. This could really help my business as competition is massive. I can research my keywords for my adverts and get ahead of my competitors !

  3. I’ve found this review to be most useful and really like the set up of Jaaxy.

    I have signed up to the free starter account for now but the extra benefits this site has to offer is most useful as I now don’t need to go and search on other sites as the resources are all on one platform.

    The web Analyser and brain storming tools are really useful to me and my business. I can see myself subscribing very shortly!!

    1. Hi Seb

      I’m happy to read that that Jaaxy could benefit your business as it has certainly benefited mine!

      I think it is the best keyword Search Tool out there as Jaaxy offers the user many more resources on one platform.

  4. This is a really good resource website that after reading this review has certainly been interesting.

    I appreciate you havevtk pay for services but it’s realky good I get 30 free searches to sample the product before subscribing.

    As an Internet professional this platform will really help with my work so I will be an avid user if I like what I try.

    1. is a very important part of my writing and blogging as it keeps me one step ahead of the competition and it also gives me insights in how they are operating unlike other platforms

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