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So recently I was having a brain storming session regarding assets while chatting to some Friends of mine about airbnb and travelling, one of my friends just happened to mention that you can rent your driveway out as a parking bay.

This idea really grew on me so I done some research and found a company called justpark.

After writing my Rich Dad Poor Dad review and thinking about Assets, This one had been staring me in the face for so long but I never thought of utilizing before now and I wonder how many of you think the same? Thanks Glenn and Suzie!!!

The fees charged are not outrageous like these big private car park companies and it won’t make you a millionaire but what it will do is make an asset of your driveway that would not be giving you anything if you had not advertised it in the first place. In my first 2 weeks of advertising I made £20. It’s not a great but I had 4 over night bookings and that £20 has bought petrol for my car. I have still created wealth out of dead space.

how it works
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How it works

Justpark is totally free to sign up to and you only actually pay for when you need to use it. If you like what you read so far you can join here:

>>>>Free to Join<<<

I have a double driveway and only one car so I have dead space at the front of my house doing nothing so why not make it work for me? That is exactly what I have done, I now rent my driveway out for people to park there cars instead of street parking. Drivers can leave their cars knowing they will be safer than street parking while they go away.

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My location is ideal as I am based a 5 minute walk from a Major train station in my City and also a 10 minute drive from the airport plus excellent bus services to the city centre.

I identified the supply and demand for this service as Air passengers continually park in the street near the airport as parking there is so expensive and this is causing tension among local residence who cannot park anywhere near their houses.


British awards winner 2017


The station I live near only has 350 car park spaces and you cannot leave your car overnight in there so people going on business trips incur more expense if they have over night trips with cab fare etc.

After searching the internet for a suitable advertising platform I came across a really good site which I joined call Just Park which gives me the facility to rent out my driveway and also rent a parking space at a destination anywhere in the UK cheaper than charges offered by paying commercial Car parks so you could save up to 70% on your parking fees as you can park where you want for however long you want.

You sign a legal agreements and disclaimer agreement account sign up which is automatically binding and comes into effect when a booking is made.

The good thing is payment is made up front and held by Just Park until the booking is complete or the deadline for cancellation has passed.

The App is very user friendly

In my first 2 weeks I have had 4 days of bookings, It’s not going to make me a millionaire but it is money I would not have had if I had done nothing.

I took Action and I have been rewarded plus my parking guests can park and collect stress free and have peace of mind while they are away which is a win win situation!

If you don’t have a driveway to rent out but you do travel around the U.K. you have over 200,000 plus extra car park spaces to choose from in over a 1000 cities and towns which is ideal for day trips, business trips, holidays using an airport.

It easy to operate both services using a user friendly phone app, all you have to do is book a date and destination car space, pay via various services and park up and get on with your day.

I thoroughly recommend this service for parking and hiring your driveway, the roads are getting busier and parking more difficult and motorists seem to be an easy way for the authorities to generate revenue with high parking charges and traffic wardens. This service gives peace of mind.

The benefits of renting out your space are not just numerical as it can give you added security while your out as there will be a car on the drive indicating to people that someone is in.

Also if you live near an Airport or major transport hub it can be extremely frustrating whem travellers park in your street while going on holiday rather than use airport parking. you could help the problem by renting out a spare space if you have a spare bay while making money aswell.

The more built up area you live in the more bookings you will receive like the gentleman in the video, he lives in Hackney which is inner London and he earns enough to make a difference to his mortgage repayments.

This business is a prime example of creating wealth online using an hidden asset in your home. I hope this has given you an idea to make some extra money and I wish you luck, let me know How you get on!!







Just park
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6 Replies to “JustPark Car Spaces Your hidden asset”

  1. Hi Darren

    I was just awestruck by reading about this! I would never have thought about something like this and in fact it’s now the first time that I read about how you can earn easy money by renting out your parking bay.

    Except for the money that the owners generate, this practice can greatly benefit the whole community of a city or town as you explained in your post.

    Thank you for this excellent article and it was a joy reading it!

    1. Hi Nicolaas

      Thankyou yes it’s easy money from dead space plus it helps teach the kids some enterprise initiatives.

      The way I look it is yes they earn a commission but anything I make is a bonus as I would not of had that money if I had not advertised and also its more than I would receive on interest on my savings in the bank ! ha ha

  2. This is awesome!

    Is this app available everywhere, or is it restricted to certain areas?

    I live in New Orleans, and one of the biggest challenges is finding parking, especially in popular tourist destinations like the French Quarter or the Fairgrounds during the annual Jazz and Heritage Festival. In fact, people who live near the Fairgrounds are already renting out space in their yards during Jazz Fest, usually with signs. This would make things a lot easier.

    Thanks for posting this.

  3. It really looks like a helpful app. Though I am not a fan of apps, android apps or the ones that run via Apple software, I still admire the people creating them. Do you think it is really hard creating a new app?

    With this app that you’ve featured here in this article, can someone from the Philippines use this app?

    1. Hi Gomer

      Just Park us mainly used in the UK and yes any app is downloadable from app stores worldwide.

      Just Park started off in the UK but now has locations across Europe and the USA so I doubt it will be long before it hits other Countries. I have made money renting out my Driveway and I do not have to worry about finding a parking space should I wish to travel to another part of the UK as the parking rates are a lot cheaper. 

      You could always contact them to see if you could open a franchise in the Philippines?

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