Jobs For Visual Learners

Jobs For Visual Learners

The Importance of Visual Learning cannot be underestimated and I think so many talented people may not fulfill their potential because they cannot pass a written exam although they can be top of their class due to Visual learning.

This style of learning is where a person can pick up the learning process through being shown how to do something via actions, actually doing it or having it explained in graphs, maps and diagrams.

Visual learning is one of three basic learning syles that are based on the Fleming VAK/VARK model. the other twqo learning typs in this model are kinesthetic learning and auditory learning.

A visual learner, can learn more quickly by reading or seeing pictures as they can remember things by sight and then  picture in your head what you have learnt. They learn best by using vision as they can see what they are learning.


How Many Visual Learners Are There?

It is estimated that 65 percent of the worlds population are visual learners which creates a big question in the education system that does the system need updating to provide the qualifications to the jobs for visual learners.

For example when a teacher is giving a lesson or  lecture then not every student could be digesting what is being said as the methods of teaching oare out dated.

Every Student should have a fair opportunity to Education if they do not fit the system then the system needs to adapt to reach the full potential of a countries population so they can find jobs for visual learners.


Visual Learning

Visual Learning in Adults

When we step become adults the desire to learn is still strong and many adults take their education further at Universities or like many of us go to Night School where we can take courses in various fields for a change of career or to better ourselves.

Adult students are different to School children as they want to be in the classroom and not there under a compulsive influence so they enter the lesson with the desire to learn which makes life easier for the tutor.

Now teaching with a visual aspect for Adults could be an advantage to them learning and understanding things quicker as some will not have been in education for sometime.


Adult learning through Visual teaching

Home Courses

Not all people want to go to night school or on to university to study for jobs for visual learners but prefer to seek a career change or qualification from home but do you actually have to enroll into a course that often seems rather expensive when doing home courses?

For example in this day and age every business needs a website perhaps it would help to learn to build your own to save you money as they are not cheap believe me!

From there what about running an online business? or Learning to write with intent ? There are so many ways you can learn from various platforms however many of the home courses are not all ideal for visual learners.

I am a visual learner and I really struggle with written lessons but I love to write and I enjoy creating websites, however I did not go to college to get learn how to biuld websites or learn computer coding. Instead I joined a learning platform called Wealthy Affiliate.

Here I was able to receive step by step tuition in a visual manor where I learnt from webinars, videos and tasks with interacton from the actual founders and the Wealthy Affiliate Community.

What sets this platform apart is the high visual delivery of the information required to develope a fully functioning website. I am now learning how to write a book after I was shown how to write with intent.

You can checkout my review if you want :-  see how it works


Multiple Income Streams

If you do not like the classroom or you don’t think its for you as you know nothing about computers then you need not worry as you actually start from scratch. I really like this platform as it has done wonders for me especially has you learn multiple streams of income that anyone can learn especially visual learners.

Too many online courses do not cater for visual learners so it was refreshing to come across a platform that does. It’s also free to set up a starter account to see if you like it.

Good luck in whatever you decide to do and if you have other visual learning platforms then please let me know by leaving a comment below!

best wishes


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