Stop Procrastinating My Challenge To You!!


You need to stop procrastinating and get it done!

Hi, I’m Darren from Wealth online and I have made it my passion to help people by providing information to help them and YOU create wealth online and NO I am not just talking about making a quick buck!

I am talking about building something sustainable in your life.


In order to do that we need to create wealth in our minds!


What you Don’t need!

  • A 200 page War and Peace Novel
  • A guide that gives you a half-hearted Theory
  • A Personal Growth guide promising to fix all your problems!

What You Do Need!

  • A Guide to Educate you on Procrastination
  • To know the Signs of what causes Procrastination
  • Steps to Overcome Procrastination


21 day procrastination challenge
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Whats Stopping You Fulfilling Your Dreams?

The number one obstacle we face is Procrastination, Its a problem for Everyone, including me! At one point or another everyone does it. Some of us learn to deal with it but others don’t and constantly put things off. Before they know it years have passed and they are still stuck in the same place. REALISE YOUR POTENTIAL !!!!!!!procrastination

20% of Americans can identify themselves as procrastinators!!!

  • This destroys self-confidence
  • Destroys relationships and Families – Is this what you want?
  • Affects your Health
  • Damages your Finances

All is not lost though as good habits be learned but it is up to you! You deserve so much more out of life!

If you are the kind of person who put things off and prefers to chill out all the time then please take 5 minutes out of your time to read my information and follow in the footsteps of others by taking the 21-day Procrastination Challenge!!

Follow me!

Yes, that’s right follow me, as I have done this course. I decided to change my life after getting over a bout of depression after losing my businesses in a marriage breakup. I had nothing and had to start over but I became lazy and so I needed a change in direction.

After doing this course I decided I wanted to help others and here I am!

I have a blog and a Website that now holds 90 pages and over 300 site comments!

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I have discovered a passion for writing and this year alone I have written over 104000 words! Sometimes you need a kickstart to push you and this was mine. Help yourself as no one else will! 


writing stats dalwhu


The 21-Day procrastination Course

This course is designed to walk you through the vital steps to help you overcome and break free from this life damaging habit.


Uncover The Reasons why you are a Procrastinator… Most people procrastinate for one or two simple reasons. Knowing what’s causing you to procrastinate is the important first step to solving the problem.


Peel Away the Layers of Your Bad Habit to Obliterate it Once and For All! Let me be clear: Procrastination is a bad habit. Just like smoking, biting your nails, eating junk food, or anything else. Procrastinators are made, not born. And the habit can be broken just like any other.


Walk You Through The Steps required to change your destructive bad habits with new productive, healthy ones! This isn’t just “theory” – these are specific To Dos.


Overcome Crippling Self-Doubt. Learn how to stomp the destructive thought processes that have always sabotaged your success.


Make Stress a Thing of the Past by never allowing your responsibilities to dominate your mind and tie you up in a knot of worries or fears.


Literally, Change Your Life! I know that’s a bold statement but I say it with confidence. Learning how to set goals and achieve them will literally make you a totally new person in a very short period of time.


I want to help people change! I’ve been there and I don’t want to go back.

Whats stopping you?:


21 Procraatination challenge
The Course is designed to be easy to follow and could help you change your life and help you to fulfill those dreams!

Start today


I hope you go one to find out more about this amazing course and I hope it does the same for you as it did for me!


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