The Spear Phishing Email That Tricks You At Work

The Spear Phishing Email That Tricks You At Work

E-mail Scams are constantly evolving and getting more and more sophisticated but now there is a new scam out that can possibly trick you into the scam.

I believe if counter measures are not quick to act then I wonder if there will be any trust left in us when we receive any email or text ?

Being ever vigilant each day on the email’s we receive is becoming or has become a daily routine for most of us and it is geting the message out there as much as possible to educate people not to open or respond to emails that ask for verification or updated private information. If a website wants to update it’s records then it will ask you when you sign in.

Never give personal information or security passwords to links in emails or callers phoning from any bank or anything, If they want your details then say you will phone them yourselves.

Not long ago a lot of us could identify a scam quite easily and we would not be fooled on the too good to be true money prizes wins or the heartfelt pleas for money which came out the blue!  these were and still are laughable!

If you look at the the present day scams out there you can be fooled if you are caught of guard as they come across quite ordinary as emails, text messages and even social media adverts.

With emails always check the email address and you will see it is not a correct address of the business you deal with.

For example pay pal scams normally have pay pal spelt wrong followed by a series of letters and numbers. Whenever pay pal want information from you then they ask you when you next log in.

Action Fraud

Social Media Scams

There are a lot of social media groups on Facebook for example of adverts advertising business opportunities but these are more or less multi level marketing schemes at you pay up front for. People need to know the difference from a business opportunity and a job offer, You don’t pay for a job where a business you will have start up fees.

A good way to see if a business opportunity is legit is to see if you get a free trial so you can try it before you invest in it. If thats for you then checkout my review on Wealthy Affiliate where you can do just that! – Wealthy Affiliate review

Action Fraud

Last week Action Fraud announced that there is a new scam on the scene that tries to trick people while they are at work and it has been labelled spear phishing.

Action Fraud is the UK’s national reporting center for fraud and cyber crime where you should report fraud if you have been scammed, defrauded or experienced cyber crime in England, Wales and Northern Ireland.

How does It Work?

The Spear phishing Email that tricks you at work involves the scam artist sending an email that to you appears to be from someone you know or from a trusted email address. The aim again is to get at your personal information by tricking you into thinking it is from someone you know.

Action Fraud explained that a recent case of this tactic was to send an individual an email while they were at work from what he or she thought was an email from a work colleague in the same business and the sender was requesting a new faster payment system was required for processing payments however the attachment in the email does not contain any malware virus but includes fake bank details.

The aim is for the victim to send the payment to the wrong bank details so when it bounces back and they contact what they believe to be a co-worker to notify them then the scam artist sends real bank details back via email to receive the payment.

email Scams

As you can imagine, thousands of these emails are sent out and some are successful as it comes across as quite routine and far from sinister.

As I mentioned before a good way to spot these emails is to check the email address as the address will be slightly different to your works email address so If you are in work I urge you to always double check this and always double check with a co-worker first especially over payments.

Criminals are always evolving new tactics to trick out of our money, They remain faceless hiding behind their keyboards however cyber security is catching up and does find criminals hiding out on the dark web as very recently a global gang was caught and jailed which you can read here: Cyber Gang Jailed

Be Vigilant

Scams can come through any means of contact, the most common is via email or phone calls but there are now scams coming through as text messages, websites and even companies that you are familiar with.

Never cooperate with any request for personal information that they try and persuade you to hand over your private details or money, downloading something will almost certainly infect your computer with a virus to extract information.

I have had this and I never respond to the emails or text messages, I simply log in to the organisations website through my own search bar and if it is legit then a notification with pop up.

web security

Never actually open the email fully just delete it as with the text messages.

I have had y bank phone me on occasions and I have refused to cooperate instead I politely explain that I will contact the bank myself  and go through to the necessary department. This does take a while but I’d rather do that than risk the call being a scam.

Advice from Action Fraud to help you to protect yourself:

  • Never assume that anyone who’s sent you an email or text message or has called your phone or left you a voicemail message is who they say they are as anyone can say anything.
  • If a phone call or voicemail, email or text message asks you to make a payment, log in to an online account or offers you a deal then never do as instructed!!  You will find that banks and other financial institutions will never email you for passwords or a request other sensitive information by asking you to click a link and visiting a website.
  • If you receive a call from someone who claims to be from your bank, don’t reveal any personal details, just say you will phone your bank yourself to verify the request. If it is a real bank calling you then they will respect your decision.

I hope you all remain safe with this new scam that is out there and if you have any experience with this scam then please let me know in the comments below.

stay safe!



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