Think and Grow Rich – The Book By Napoleon Hill And Why You Should Read It!

Think and Grow Rich By Napoleon Hill

The book I think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill has been revised and expanded over the years. It is now sailed over 15 million copies worldwide.

In order to educate yourself and expand your mind, it is recommended that you read many books. Nowadays you don’t have to just read there is many ways of obtaining information within a book such as reading paperback book, kindle, audiobooks when you’re driving there is no excuse for you not to expand your knowledge and get motivated into the right mindset to aid Your personal growth.


Think and Grow Rich

Your Personal Growth

Think and grow rich is the workings of the author Napoleon Hill and was originally published in 1937. It was research on moneymaking secrets are found to be just as powerful in today’s world as they were back then.

Napoleon Hill interview over 500 of the most influential men and women of his time during the research into writing think and grow rich. He was able to uncover The secrets of the wealth based notion that it is able to learn to think like the rich so we can discover wealth and success.

The secrets of the wealth based notion that it is able to learn to think like the rich so we can discover wealth and success.

The Polian Hill was able to design a 13 step formula to help find this success some of the steps included identifying your goals, Mastering the secrets of lasting success, obtaining whatever you want in life, and joining the ranks of the super successful.

Mastering the secrets of lasting success, obtaining whatever you want in life, and joining the ranks of the super successful.

In some of the more recent re-published workings has been revised edition is to provide examples of men and women who in a more recent modern times have found success following the principles that Napoleon Hill wrote about in 1937 Some success stories include Bill Gates and Stephen Spielberg and its pros that Napoleon Hills philosophies are still as important today as when they were first written.

It is no secret that if you wish to achieve success in business, a career, sport or hobby you need to have a plan in order for you to fulfill your dreams and goals.

I have listened to the audiobook of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill many times I have it saved to my phone and I always listen to it on long road trips. I also have the latest edition of Think and Grow Rich that I highlight phrases for references in order to apply them to my strategies. I use it as an educational tool as well as a recreational one.

I recommend this book is one of my top recommendations for business mindset reading list.


This is one of the greatest textbooks that I have ever read. I recommend this book has done so much for me, well I would be doing a great disservice trying to explain how great it is, purchase it and experience for yourself

Where to Buy

There are many places you can buy this book however because of the many editions that now exist I would recommend either Amazon or EBay.

You browse the many variants on sale here:


EBay prices range from 2.99 – 13.99 gdp/usd

Amazon prices range from 4.99 – 12.99 gdp/usd


Napoleon Hill


What I Did Not Like

One chapter that I did not like and I did not agree with was the chapter that Napoleon Hill explained that he would not let his deaf Son learn sign language. He explained that he was determined that his son should lead a normal life and associate with normal children.

In this day and age that does not reflect how society functions but what you have to take into account is that this was written In 1937 when peoples opinions of disabilities were very different than it is today.

I understand this book is about how to be successful and how you take your desire for what you want and to put it into action. It also functions along the lines of the law of attraction which is explained very well in the book The Secret.

For me, I can fully understand why the author put this in the book about his deaf son as he wanted to show the desire he had in believing about the power of the mind but it is one part of the book I do not think reflects today’s modern society.

My Opinion

During my research on this book I read many reviews for which the majority gave it 5 or 4 stars however I did notice a few reviews of 2 stars or fewer. I appreciate everyone has an opinion and we view things differently and I respect that but then I can’t help thinking that perhaps if those reviewers practiced some of the strategies in the book then maybe they would re-evaluate their opinions of the book.

Think and grow rich was published in 1937 during this time we had the great depression in America now at the time spoke was revolutionary however if people suffering in that era could’ve read this book at the time and taking action then maybe the great depression wouldn’t of been as bad as it was as this book outlines the steps that you need to take to succeed.

In reality the book it’s all about convincing yourself to be successful the outline of the walk highlights the steps that you need to include in your plan and also steps that you should avoid in order to fulfill your goals.

Money US dollars

I do find it puzzling why people would not want to read the book and not give it a chance to help them. This is a guidebook and you need to study it.

From my own experiences, I am more than happy to recommend this book for you to read. I personally believe that it would be of great help to you in regard to growing your mindset and push you to achieve your goals.

It may be that not all the book is relevant to you but I do not imagine for one moment that none of it will be relevant! I’m certain that anyway everyone and get something from this book.

Feel free to come in the section below this article I would love to hear your own personal experiences of use in regard to this book I think and grow rich by Napoleon Hill.


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