Think green Project – Nano Coatings

Think green Project – Nano Coatings

Think Green Project is a innovative new company in the Northwest of England that I believe deserves a lot of praise for what they are trying to achieve.

The 3 directors are very passionate about their work and the environment and to help businesses to cut down on their carbon footprints which will also help reduce operating costs.

The product range they have to offer is an organic based Nano coating that when applied is 500 times thinner than a human hair but creates a barrier to the elements on a vast array of surfaces, everything!!

The product range that Think Green Project offer is split into 2 main sectors with regards to the surfaces and they are porous and non porous and from there depending on the use of the coating and the wear and tear of working parts the ratio of components is calculated to each surface type and use


As you can see the coating is very versatile but how does it work?

Nanotechnology takes many forms and involves developments in many different areas however it’s main concern is  the creation of nano layers, nano particles, or nano “devices”.

In the case of pure Liquid Glass, which involves the creation of nano layers. The word ‘Nano’ comes from the Greek word meaning “dwarf” or small and we now use the term in a scientific sense.

When we are talking of Nano products, or technologies then we are referring to items or coatings which have dimensions that are measured in billionths of a metre although many people find this hard to accept, it is a revolutionary product that is already in use today.

This revolutionary product as I have said,  contains pure, particle free, Silicon Dioxide – SiO2 – which means that it contains “pure glass”.

The glass however is in a molecular form and is held in a liquid so essentially it doesn’t become “glass” until it is able to dry.

Now the amusing thing is that the glass that you find in windows is not pure glass!

The solution is ‘Super Phobic’ which means that it will repel all oils, water, and dry soiling. Also it will prevent Dry dirt and dust sticking to a  treated surface.

As in the video liquids such as red wine, or coffee cannot penetrate the coating on fabrics. the reason for this is that each filament of every fibre that has the coating on is protected with a Nano scale layer of glass.

Another great thing about it is that almost all treated surfaces can be cleaned with water alone so you are not required to use Solvents and cleaners as much which can only be a good thing for our bodies and the environment.

Common uses


An ideal use for the Nano coating is on external walls of houses as the barrier offers protection to bricks as water cannot penetrate into the bricks. Even in the Summer you will find that bricks in wet countries such as the UK have alot of moisture in them so they are never 100% dry.

Think green Nano protection
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As you can see from the treated brick in the image the water just beads on the surface creating the barrier however the coating still allows for the brick to breath as shown on the video by the bubbles escaping from the treated brick in the water tank.

If you click to enlarge the leaflet on the right, I have taken a screenshot of a page from Think Green Projects brochure, here you will see that in winter the main gain is heat remaining in the house so it prevents heat loss while allowing bricks to breath and keeping a building well and truly dry.

Tests have shown that heat lose is reduced by 59% !!




Glass in Tech Accessories

As we are aware in this day and age, we all have various consumer electronic devices, mobile phones, laptop computers, iPad’s our homes. The challenge is keeping the surface’s of these gadgets protected and clean.

Tech-Hygiene is becoming a far bigger issue than ever and is overlooked by many people. not only are expensive electronic devices being used in so many ways and often in environments where dust, water and dirt can attack or damage them but they are also a magnet for germs.

Cellphone protection.

How many people take their phones to the bathroom?  Touch screen information boards are becoming far more popular in doctors surgeries and hospitals but also airports and stations. This is an easy way for germs to spreads around.

Tech coatings however have another compound in them that truly creates a smooth surface so dirt and germs cannot bond to surface so die.

Additional benefits include:

• Repairs and restores oleo phobic coatings which help resist fingerprints and smudges

• Repairs and restores oleo phobic coatings which help resist fingerprints and smudges

• No need to buy expensive, bulky and unattractive cases

• Environmentally friendly coating that is 100% natural and chemical free

• Each application lasts up to 12 months before re-application is required

• Completely invisible and will not effect the function or appearance of the device

I could go on all day about this wonderful solution and I can fully recommend this product as I have used it on my car windscreen and I was able to see quite clearly when it rained as the water could not bind to the surface and shot straight off!!!

if you want to know more then I fully suggest visiting their website and facebook page



I would love to read any of your experiences with these nano coatings so comment below!




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