What is Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing

What is Affiliate marketing and why is it a good idea to get in to this industry?

Affiliate marketing is a process of earning a commission by promoting other people’s or other company’s products. The method is that you find a product you like or feel would be popular to promote and then advertise it through reviews or on a niche website that you create for that purpose. The idea is to drive web traffic to the point of sale through Links to the company or persons selling page via an embedded personal link and once a sale has been made you then earn a piece of the profit for each sale that you make called commissions.

That’s it to put it in simple terms however there is an art to it that you need to learn if you want to be successful. It’s no good posting a photo and a link saying buy this now!!


online wealth at wealthy affiliate
Online wealth

There are 7 steps to a purchase cycle and the idea of an affiliate marketer is to catch the audience at one of the later stages where they actually know what type of golf clubs they want or what brand of designer shirt the viewer wants so then after reviewing the product in an article you then add your recommended link to your affiliate’s website. If they buy through your link then you then earn a commission.

The best way to get started in this industry is obtaining the right knowledge as any one can join an affiliate program but not everyone has the skills to operate it and make it successful.

education and Knowledge is the key to making anything work as without it you will not be successful. There is money to be made in Affiliate Marketing which is ideal as a second income which can build into a full time income but it does take time and patience as with any business.

I learnt through a company called Wealthy Affiliate that allows you to sample all resources before you set up a business. It’s a full business platform designed to let you get on and create your reviews while they take care of all your hosting and website requirements while providing a state of the art step by step tutorial program with full time support from experts from all walks of life. I always wanted to do affiliate marketing but never found the education I desired until December 2016 and honestly I have not looked back.

I created this website to help people improve themselves financially as I am sick of all the scams on the internet and mentally so they can grow.

Motivation and wellbeing is important to me and I feel it is my duty to help after my life experiences some good some bad so when I find something good I share it and when I find a scam I will tell you !!

Wealthy affiliate will help you grow and help create an income that works for you 24/7, you can read my review here:  My Review

affiliate marketing rules
Making it user friendly

take a look and see what you think and if you need anymore advice or help or just a chat comment below



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