Your Working Environment

Working from Home and setting up

Your Working Environment

As you will of noticed if you have browsed my menu is that I have written a few articles on how to get motivated and how to be organised when your working from home or operating a home business.

Being motivated and organised to help grow and operate our business which is obviously important however equally as important which can go hand in hand with your motivational requirements is your working environment.

If you are working around clutter or in a room that needs freshening up with a new look then this can effect your productivity and creativeness.

Home office


It’s important to comfortable and relaxed while you work away and a tidy and fresh work area goes a long way to compliment those motivational strategies.

10 tricks to De-clutter your de-clutteryourdesk!

I have recently decorated my lounge and it’s really  brightened my house up and my feel good factor this is where it dawned on me how a quick freshen up of your office or home study can really boost your work output.

What’s your views? Add your comments!

It’s not just about work all the little things that give you the drive to push on creating content will help.

Attention to detail in your approach to your work or home business will all prove to give you a better attitude to get creative including your working environment.

however a messy desk is not always a sign of an unorganized desk so we must take that int consideration as well. Neat piles of papers looks much better than a messy pile for instance!

Unorganised work space Messy desk

The man in the photo above is hard at work but his desk looks messy but compared to the other messy desks his looks abit more organised and he probably knows where everything is. It’s such a fine line!!!

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